【VR】【バイノーラル録音を活かした挑戦企画!】同棲を始めた家にエロい淫語霊が住んでいたら…! 可愛い彼女が目の前にいるのに常に両耳に囁いてくる誘惑&耳舐め音!視覚と聴覚が最強にエロ過ぎて浮気気分のドキドキ暴発射精! 吉良りん
[VR] [A Challenging Project That Makes Use OF Binaural Recording!] What Would Happen If An Erotic Spirit Lived In The House Where You Started Living With Together...? Even Though Your Cute Girlfriend Is In Front Of You, There Is Always This Temptation And This Ear Licking Sound That Whispers In Both Your Ears! The Sights And Sounds Are Just Too Strong, And The Excitement Of Cheating Just Too Erotic! Rin Kira