【神秘属性Eカップ】潮風が薫る「ブルー」の街で童顔巨乳女子大生コスプレイヤーと聖地巡礼! 人懐っこい笑顔が、セックスになると途端に豹変!天真爛漫なエージェントは甘声+感度抜群なカラダでオトコを沼らせる生粋のセフレ体質だった!?世界観が崩れるので衣装は最後まで脱がしません! 聖地巡礼レイヤー×ハンター 第6話
[Mysterious E-cup] A pilgrimage to the sacred land with a baby-faced, busty college student cosplayer in the "Blue" city where the sea breeze is fragrant! Her friendly smile changes drastically when it comes to sex! The innocent agent has a sweet voice and a highly sensitive body, making her a natural sex friend who drives men crazy! ? The worldview is ruined, so we won't take off her costume until the end! Sacred Land Pilgrimage Layer x Hunter Episode 6